Bilden av Bygden - om Service på landsbygden

Bilden av Bygden - Image of Home - international outlook on community development. In English.

Episode Summary

In the series Bilden av Bygden - we share some good local examples of new ways to tackle rural challenges regarding service, to be spread digital/through social media. Examples in Swedish, from the south of Sweden in 2020. So we have made four films and a following pod-episode which focuses on four key themes/perspectives from where the examples are finding new innovative solutions to keep service - the themes are: Participation & Engagemang - how to you engage the local community in keeping service/local development etc Organisation - how can service be organised differently? Coowning? Shares? Financing - Innovative ways to finance service - tapping in to local or cirkular economy? Collaboration - new ways to collaborate to keep or develop service? Between shops? Within a community? With local authorities? The Engslish version of the pod has two aims - to summarize in English the themes/local findings from the Swedish examples in the films and then use them as a sounding board to an international (UK) outlook and reflections. The original podcasts in Sweden, info about the project, or the short films - check out Participation: Hazel Sheffield, journalist, UK Britt Jurgensen, Homebaked, Liverpool Nils Phillips, Röstånga Sweden